Truck Transport

We provide the transport to all European countries with the specialization in the transport to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. A great advantage for our customers is the possibility to use services of our branch office in Turkey ( representation and providing customs services). The regular transport to the Balcans and back is a signification for our clients that we are able to deliver any kind of customer´s cargo.

We also cooperate with significant automotive suppliers in the area of JIT deliveries. All our trucks are equipped with a satelite tracking system. Of course, each cargo is insured, incl. the theft insurance.


Combined Transport

We dispose of special chassis designed for the transport of 20 ft, 40 ft and high cube containers, incl. special chassis for the transport of ADR goods – class 1. We transport containers to the place of destination and pass them on to a further transport by sea or by train. We have the possibility of reloading containers in premises of our company.

Feeder Service

A feeder service is a delivery system of single-piece shipments. More consignments destined to similar destinations are concentrated at a collection point. Then they are dispatched in bulk to a collection point at a place of destination. Subsequently, the consignments are delivered to final recipients. In this way the feeder service enables to offer an interesting price by meeting short deadlines. The size of the consignment is limited neither by its weight nor by its dimension.

We provide the feeder service by the transportation to Finland and to Hamburg. If necessary, we are able to store your consignment.


International Truck Transport
Head of International
Transport Department
Antonín Křemenák
ph:+420 603 500 939
fax:+420 485 109 954
Shipping Containers
Head of Shipping
Container Department

Mirek Jerie
ph:+420 485 103 904
+420 603 299 893
fax:+420 481 313 430